Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Denim

spring denim
                                           Welcome to my polyvore set! Hope u Enjoy!!
spring denim by rose-raw-and-refined featuring mirror jewelry
I had made this set some time ago, but I love the color combo and wanted to share ;) I made it on
Its basically a place where you can style and publish "sets" on the site.They have awesome contests too, with really rad prizes! They collaborate with Glamour, Covergirl, Fashion brands, and many more. If your passion is fashion this site is for you . Im inspired every day by the ridiculously creative things people come up with on there. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dsquared2 and Forever 21 American Style

Styling of Dsquared is effortlessly chic, and has a cool edge. Theme is very boom, boom not really Dan and Dean are Canadian . Under Dsqauared are some cool clothes from Forever 21, some boom,boom Americano for less. I especially love those jean shorts with the American flag peaking out.  Also im in need of leather shorts.They can be worn so many ways!
I put together this collage using my Touch smart tx2-1377 nr notebook( loving all the features it has)
Pictures came from and
     Dsquared2 collage by Itself.           
Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

DYI Rihanna Collage and CD Art

My version:
I love Rihanna !When I saw something like this on etsy I thought hey thats a cool idea. I have the cd,so why not make one.
Mixed media art inspires me.I recently came across some genius supplies from Art-c.
No Art-C supplies used just inspired by it.
                Products:1Cork Board, 4 Glitters,
                                                     used clear box from glitter to store cd,
                                                                 2 sheets paper, Rhinestones.1 music note pin
                                               Tools:scissors, Amazing craft glue, regular glue stick
               Places:Walmart &, Hobby lobby
                                                                                  Time:3-4 hours
                 Prices:Cork Board (set of 4)$5.94
                      Glitter( set of 12)$6.97
                                                        Paper pattern pack (50 sheet,12"x12")$5.00
                           Rhinestones(1 lb) $15.99

                                                  Directly above is the original version
                                                            By JG Autographs, Inc.

Link to seller of the art.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

DYI Corkboard Jewelry Holder

                                                    Product:Quartet cork title,12"x 12"
                                                    Place: Walmart

I needed a better way to store my jewelry. Putting all my necklaces and earrings together in a jewelry box wasn't cutting it.I stormed YouTube for ideas. A cork board,or a pegboard seemed the best. In the end i went with the pack of four cork boards. I used clear thumb tact's to hold jewelry. Also nailed the corners of the corks board to insure they stay.
picture up top credits to :

You can also customize with fabric,which I plan on doing later.
Stay tuned I have a DIY coming up entitled Rhianna CD n picture collage.