Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DYI Rihanna Collage and CD Art

My version:
I love Rihanna !When I saw something like this on etsy I thought hey thats a cool idea. I have the cd,so why not make one.
Mixed media art inspires me.I recently came across some genius supplies from Art-c.
No Art-C supplies used just inspired by it.
                Products:1Cork Board, 4 Glitters,
                                                     used clear box from glitter to store cd,
                                                                 2 sheets paper, Rhinestones.1 music note pin
                                               Tools:scissors, Amazing craft glue, regular glue stick
               Places:Walmart &, Hobby lobby
                                                                                  Time:3-4 hours
                 Prices:Cork Board (set of 4)$5.94
                      Glitter( set of 12)$6.97
                                                        Paper pattern pack (50 sheet,12"x12")$5.00
                           Rhinestones(1 lb) $15.99

                                                  Directly above is the original version
                                                            By JG Autographs, Inc.

Link to seller of the art.


                                                            One of the sheets used
                                                    Right hand side is the other sheet used

                                                      Strips i cut from the first sheet.
                                                      Measured to border along the edges
                                                    Before glueing anything I look to see how it would look like
                                                   Glued strips together

                                                       Time to place picture on
                                                      Mistake on one of them.& how to fix
                                                     from Pieces left over
                                                     vola its fixed
                                                    Looking back at other ones is a helpful guide
                                                    Possible design, without rhinestones,& decorations.
                                                    Decision, decisions,..Yes I want Rhinestones!
                                                     *I used this glue to glue the box to the board,but ended up using                                                      a regular glue stick for most of the rhinestones.Amazing craft glue
                                                     is to harsh and messes up rhinestones 


                                                       And more rhinestones...
                                                     The box can open....
                                                     take out cd is wanted...
                                                        Finsihing touches, glitter hair, dress, and eyelashes
                                                        And the cherry on top, a musical note pin
                                                        From middle school chorus. Customize with what ever you desire

                                                Finished product.., Love! Instead of having my Rihanna
                                                CD crammed into a drawer shes beautifully displayed.

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