Saturday, March 24, 2012

DYI Corkboard Jewelry Holder

                                                    Product:Quartet cork title,12"x 12"
                                                    Place: Walmart

I needed a better way to store my jewelry. Putting all my necklaces and earrings together in a jewelry box wasn't cutting it.I stormed YouTube for ideas. A cork board,or a pegboard seemed the best. In the end i went with the pack of four cork boards. I used clear thumb tact's to hold jewelry. Also nailed the corners of the corks board to insure they stay.
picture up top credits to :

You can also customize with fabric,which I plan on doing later.
Stay tuned I have a DIY coming up entitled Rhianna CD n picture collage.


  1. Replies
    1. I love this! It is so organized and clean. I just did a necklace holder DIY post on my blog...but I think I May have to just make this too. Thanks for the post


    2. Glad you liked it Julie:) I checked yours out, and I love the concept.Im folling you..I like to follow like minded people and with similar interests.