Monday, April 30, 2012

Mannequin Monday No.2

Price per skirt:$8.40. Place:Belles

As promised I styled three skirts three different ways.
 First featured is the Business version
 (inspired by seventeen magazine).
Second Is the casual version (with Titanice referances).
 I want to do a mega photoshoot Titanic inspired.
 I have some props that would go nicely.
Third is the dressy, going out look.

Jacket: $7.00 @kmart
                   Button up shirt: $3.00 @ JCPenny
Both on sale!
Pearl necklace : $2.99 @ Factory2u

Shirt $1.00 @ Walmart
                             Necklace:Around $35.00 @
                    Shoes: $12.99

         Jacket Price? @ Belles
      Shirt: $7.50 @Rue21
               Shoes: Part of 2 for $45.00

Free Better Homes and Gardens subscription

Hello all! I want to share with you all a awesome website. . Its not a joke, they really have free stuff. I get free some from there all the time, and I dont pay anything at all. Supplies is limited so hurry..
FREE Subscription To Better Homes and Gardens

Apr 29 2012 Posted at 2:28 am

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fashion Steals 4 Saturday!

I'm often a bargin shopper. I'm always on the lookout for a deal. I wanted to share my most recent steals.I got two pairs of shoes for about $17. $14.00 for the black wedged ones, and $2 for the other pair.Payless has there buy one get the other one half off, and that was included on clearanced items!=)
Have any kul places where u snag a good deal ,share wont you?
 Thank you for reading , hope you all have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Styling My Manequin Monday

Hello !! I'd like to introduce you to Styling My Mannequin Monday.
I wanted to see how my new skirt would look, so here is a sample of what you can do with the skirt. I adore polka dots.I love the classic pattern. For a little more low key look and because its hot most of the time I would suggest taking the jacket off. A red tank would look good too. This is like my version of the 50's.The paper glasses with the cat eye end scream 50's style. The Jacket has detachable ruffles. Also with the skirt you can wear it as a tube top, make it do double duty!

On my next Styling My Manequin Monday I will show a piece wore different ways. Also do you have a cute dressed manequin I would love to see yours also. Don't have a mannequin make one with the help of you tube and a friend. What better than a custom one that is just your size.Hope you all found some sort of inspiration that lifted and elevated your day!
Thank you for you time, and hope u all enjoy the rest or your week.

3D paper glasses -Free @ norma kamali ( they sent them in the mail to me, I think because I signed up for emails, or entered for some promotion. I remember going to her website.)
Skirt - $6.99 @ Factory 2 u
Necklace - $10.00-$12.00@ Claires (old necklace)
Jacket - $27.99 (with a discount) regular price $35.99
Shirt- $3.00 @ Belles
Belt - Came with a shirt, shirt was $14.99

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Desert Accessories, and Storage Boxes

Rings and a necklace found on

I was looking for some food inspired accessories. I found so many food rings on Etsy. There are complete dinners on rings. These are just some of my favorites I wanted to share.  Also some cute necklaces and earrings added to the mix.On another blog she had these awesome head pieces, and look even a place to store all these yummy goodies! These could make good gifts,if you know the persons favorite kinds of foods. The rings were priced around $12.00
 Hope you all enjoy the collages I put together. They were fun to Put together=)


I also wanted to include a man that DIY'ed his house , with plaster. He used a cake decorator to put really unique accents on his mansion. He custom made a fireplace,and saved a ton of money. He was on the Tyra Banks Show, but since the show got cancled I was unable to find  the Tyra show website. Anyways thought I'd mention , hope this gives ya ideas. I might even try to DIY some desert accesories, or storage boxes.
I enjoy reading your comments,Thank you for taking the time to comment,I appreciate it =)
Hope you all have a wonderful, fantastico day!