Monday, April 30, 2012

Mannequin Monday No.2

Price per skirt:$8.40. Place:Belles

As promised I styled three skirts three different ways.
 First featured is the Business version
 (inspired by seventeen magazine).
Second Is the casual version (with Titanice referances).
 I want to do a mega photoshoot Titanic inspired.
 I have some props that would go nicely.
Third is the dressy, going out look.

Jacket: $7.00 @kmart
                   Button up shirt: $3.00 @ JCPenny
Both on sale!
Pearl necklace : $2.99 @ Factory2u

Shirt $1.00 @ Walmart
                             Necklace:Around $35.00 @
                    Shoes: $12.99

         Jacket Price? @ Belles
      Shirt: $7.50 @Rue21
               Shoes: Part of 2 for $45.00

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