Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Styling My Manequin Monday

Hello !! I'd like to introduce you to Styling My Mannequin Monday.
I wanted to see how my new skirt would look, so here is a sample of what you can do with the skirt. I adore polka dots.I love the classic pattern. For a little more low key look and because its hot most of the time I would suggest taking the jacket off. A red tank would look good too. This is like my version of the 50's.The paper glasses with the cat eye end scream 50's style. The Jacket has detachable ruffles. Also with the skirt you can wear it as a tube top, make it do double duty!

On my next Styling My Manequin Monday I will show a piece wore different ways. Also do you have a cute dressed manequin I would love to see yours also. Don't have a mannequin make one with the help of you tube and a friend. What better than a custom one that is just your size.Hope you all found some sort of inspiration that lifted and elevated your day!
Thank you for you time, and hope u all enjoy the rest or your week.

3D paper glasses -Free @ norma kamali ( they sent them in the mail to me, I think because I signed up for emails, or entered for some promotion. I remember going to her website.)
Skirt - $6.99 @ Factory 2 u
Necklace - $10.00-$12.00@ Claires (old necklace)
Jacket - $27.99 (with a discount) regular price $35.99
Shirt- $3.00 @ Belles
Belt - Came with a shirt, shirt was $14.99


  1. looks amazing! love it! xx

    1. Thank u!!=)I like ur blog url name.

  2. hahahahah, love the glasses! :) perfect for a 3d movie night :)

    love K

    1. Ha thank u! Your so right,i might just wear this to see Titanic n 3d!!yay lol