Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Project: Concession Stand

So In my city theres going to be a massive community yard sale.50-500 yard sales in one place. I plan to set up a booth. The name of it is Snack'ums. I will be selling snacks and beverages. This was a very last minute thing. I want to expand to something else such as Goumet Snack'ums. Which will have some bad a** cake pops, edible arrangements(singles ones too). Awesome dips, and my boyfriends world famous chicken boloco.





                                  Beef jerky $2/$1.00                               
                                 Rice Krispie Treats 2/$1.00
                                Nutri-bars $1.00
                                Kelloggs fruity snacks $1.00
                               Nabisco minis $1.00
                              Grandmas cookies $1.00
                             Frito-lay mix $1.00
                            Pork Rinds $1.00
                           Sunflower seeds $1.00
                           Candies $1.00


Water $1.00
Cola $1.00
Sprite $1.00
Powerade $1.00
Dr.Pepper $1.00
Diet Coke$1.00