Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Desert Accessories, and Storage Boxes

Rings and a necklace found on

I was looking for some food inspired accessories. I found so many food rings on Etsy. There are complete dinners on rings. These are just some of my favorites I wanted to share.  Also some cute necklaces and earrings added to the mix.On another blog she had these awesome head pieces, and look even a place to store all these yummy goodies! These could make good gifts,if you know the persons favorite kinds of foods. The rings were priced around $12.00
 Hope you all enjoy the collages I put together. They were fun to Put together=)


I also wanted to include a man that DIY'ed his house , with plaster. He used a cake decorator to put really unique accents on his mansion. He custom made a fireplace,and saved a ton of money. He was on the Tyra Banks Show, but since the show got cancled I was unable to find  the Tyra show website. Anyways thought I'd mention , hope this gives ya ideas. I might even try to DIY some desert accesories, or storage boxes.
I enjoy reading your comments,Thank you for taking the time to comment,I appreciate it =)
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