Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Todays DIY : White dressy blouse,with neon splashes

                                         Materials :
                                                           White shirt
                                                           Neon sprays (Walmart, $10-$12 pk of 4)
                                                                                75% paint left in bottle after I used =)




                                                Cut a pieceof lace that will be used for neon lace effect

                                 Line up lace on shirt for desired look

First started with pink,then green next layer,...etc.

                                                The other side I choose to do a different pattern.

                                        The bottle come with a sprayer, so thats what i did here.
I then took the sprayer off and used the sprayer...wand looking piece
 and just whip some more details onto the shirt

Whats left over is this awesomely decorated lace, hmm maybe
for another project.I'm thinking a lace bralet.

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