Monday, September 3, 2012

Insiders look: Working in retail

I've been working at trendy clothing store for about 8 months now. Here's the download on what I've learned so far :

1. You basically act as a stylist, people ask for help all the time. Show them what would look good on them. Keeping in mind of there body type, and skin color, hair etc.

2. How to sell to different types of people. Some like skinny jeans,some dont. Then theres those im      a whatever kinda girl.Know what kind of customer your selling to. Showing them how you would style something; this helps and gives them ideas how to wear It and how it will work for them.

3. Dont forget to ask "can i help you find something today" Some people just know exactly what there looking for. Others just browsing...well still be there in case they need your help

4.Making the mannequin look nice is important, it draws people in. Tip try to group them together. lets say you have 8 mannequins. Group them 3,3,2 . With in those groups color coordinate. lets say 3 blue, 3 white, 2 pink. Or simlar style.

5.Lastly when people come out the dressing rooms ask if you can put anything back for them. Letting them put it back gets the store out of order.Make sure to count items when they take them in and out. People can be sneaky.

                                 I do not own picture property of kols fashion obtained from google images

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