Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trip to Santa Fe, NM

Wow the cities art is breathe taking. Fun galleries all over and the Famous chapel,
A must if your in the area. There's plenty of art sculptures to be seen also.
         The Fashion was different , old style for the people that live there I guess. Kuddos to the
 Hemp all natural boutiques , living green in clothes that wont harm the planet.
        Went to a fancy pants restaurant ...suppose to be best in the city. Spanish Crusine of some kind.
We weren't big fans of the food. Want to go back through to get another look at the animation gallery.
 I saw a lot of neat Dr. Seuss Characters there, so fun.

Please If you'd like to see more continue on on the Read more button.
There's more to see , If your interested in this.

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