Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rent the Runway

 So I celebrated another bday. I wanted a special dress for the day.This dress was beyond gorgeous!
It's from
The way it works is you pick  days you want to rent, 4 or 8 days. It cost more to keep for 8..
The dresses are priced differently, you know depending how much they retail for. There are real famous high end designers on there site too. I didnt pick the dress just because it was "designer" its really something special. It retails for $525 its the Catherine Malandrino Modern Queen Elizabeth Dress. I rented the dress for about $40...rounding up. They even send a second size for free!
The fit was perfect, it felt tailored to me. The fabric was amazing @ 100% silk. It was light and refeshing. I felt like a celebrity ...and unique at the same time. I knew no one would be wearing this out ha. Something cool I got to keep was the black garmet bag teehe..
Also they include a shipping package to ship it back with postage paid. Amazing exprience! I plan to rent from them again, they offer discount sometimes.I'll be on the look out for those. Since it was my first purchase, I had gotten a discount. In case your wondering how the dresses will look on you they have real girls of different sizes, bodies..etc. I'm 5ft and a very petite woman. On there site you can see reviews and pictures of these girls. For any more infomation or questions please refer to there website
Thank you for reading ...just had to share this with you all!
Till another time..I'll be seeing ya.
                                                           Fashion Appetizer

Came in this cool box..getting excited..!!
O nice bag, and I get to keep teehe!
Some info about when you have to ship the dress back,
 and sharing your exprience with the dress

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