Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ten tips for dressing like a celebrity

1.Statement anything
GUESS by Marciano Faux-Crystal Open-Collar NecklaceWomen's Julian Hakes Mojito Metallic Shoes

2.All white outfits(monochromatic can work too) with maybe a splash of color or metallic to break it all up.

3.Fun jewels

4.Trendy items for the season

5. The I wear what I Want look

6. Borrow your clothes from a designer, friend or your beau

7. Cute sidekick kid. Whether is be your nephew, second cousin, or your own. There style can be
complimentary to yours as yours to theirs.

8. Strappy stuff

9. Showing Skin, but in a sophisticated way

10.Double duty: Take the conventional way of wearing something and make it your own.

Fold your maxi down and turn to a maxi skirt, wear tube top as skirt vice versa. Put a sock in your hair for a nice perfect top knot. Wrap a long cardigan around you and make a dress or around your waist to add another element to your outfit. Use earring and embellishments on a collar shirt. or even reuse and recycle your clothes to get your desired look.
convertible clothing & Sustainable fashion - convertible-clothing that does double duty - Donna Karan’s Infinity Dress Looks Endlessly Confusing To Put Together
All looks and pics are via Google images.

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