Tuesday, December 30, 2014

OOTD and petite styling tips

The turquoise top is from Jcpenny ,was about $5. The jack skeleton jacket is from DD discount cost $14.99. Boots from DD  about $8. Pants DD discount $8- $12. Necklace $2 Claire's. $22 for white black blazer ,Charlotte Russe .   Total price : $60 
Take off white coat outfit under $40 for entire outfit.  
When looking at outfits In magazines I always see that a look for less or a cheap outfit is always pricey, when I know u can get a better deal without sacrificing the look of it. 

* Fashion tips 
Dress in three colors . I picked a 4th and the grey boots were bad in the second picture. 

When petite this twist on the side changes the look of a too long shirt. 

If white boots were to be used it would elongate the figure. Making the legs appear better and not so cropped up.

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